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Leveraging the Power of Foundations: An Analysis of Program-Related Investments

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This Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University analysis of key trends in foundation engagement in program-related investments between 2000 and 2010 finds that there is significant interest in PRIs, and that many foundations that use PRIs report successful results, but their use is still limited to a relatively small number of foundations.

Nonprofit Fundraising Study: Covering Charitable Receipts at U.S. and Canadian Nonprofit Organizations in 2012

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According to Nonprofit Research Collaborative’s new report, nearly six in 10 charities surveyed (58 percent) raised more in 2012 than they did in 2011 from contributions, marking the first time since 2006 that significantly more than half showed such positive results.

2012 Endowment Survey

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Endowments at the nation’s charities and foundations are on pace this year to record lackluster investment returns similar to those they achieved in 2011, a new Chronicle of Philanthropy survey finds. The recent post-election drop in stock markets fueled by investor anxiety over possible federal tax increases and spending cuts in January are likely to drive those results even lower this year.


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