Why We Engage in Public Policy

Philanthropy New York believes that achieving impact requires strategic investments and work to create the conditions in which those investments can thrive. PNY’s public policy work engages diverse stakeholders to create the policy conditions that allow our members and their grantees to create a stronger and more equitable New York. PNY believes that through participation in public policy and collaboration with the government, the sector can maximize its impact and foster an environment aimed at improving conditions for the region's foundations and nonprofits.

Philanthropy New York’s public policy efforts are guided by the belief that local, state, and federal laws and policies should:

  • Promote a just and equitable society
  • Strengthen nonprofits and
  • Support a healthy and sustainable philanthropic sector.

Philanthropy New York’s public policy efforts focus on three main areas of interest to the philanthropic sector. Through this work, PNY:

  • Advocates for tax and fiscal policies that support philanthropic giving
  • Supports policies and practices that create and sustain a thriving nonprofit sector
  • Champions public policies that have systemic effects on issues and marginalized communities our members serve

PNY offers programs and convenings so members can exchange information about policy engagement and develop collaborative partnerships with policymakers designed to achieve common goals.