Why We Engage in Public Policy

New York’s philanthropic community has come to appreciate that to maximize the good created by our sector, our public policy work needs to be as effective as our grantmaking.

That’s why Philanthropy New York’s Board of Directors has increasingly emphasized public policy work as a means of increasing the sector’s impact. Our work in this area focuses on influencing and partnering with government to improve the operating environment for the region’s foundations and nonprofits.

In addition to fostering mutually beneficial relationships between grantmakers and public officials, this work helps inform policymakers about the important role the philanthropic community plays in our region. By making ourselves better known, we can reduce the likelihood that regulators will take actions that, intentionally or otherwise, can hurt foundations and the nonprofit organizations they support.

PNY offers programs and convenings so members can exchange information about policy engagement and develop collaborative partnerships with policymakers designed to achieve common goals.