NY/NJ Area Common Application

Publication date: 
April, 2014
Philanthropy New York
Council of New Jersey Grantmakers (CNJG)

Several years ago, Philanthropy New York and the Council of New Jersey Grantmakers (CNJG) spearheaded a project to develop common application and report forms to help streamline the grant application process and ease the often time-consuming grant preparation process. The four-page application format includes directions for use, a sample cover sheet, and the common grant proposal guidelines.

Important notes when using the common application:

  1. Funding area guidelines still apply. Research each organization’s funding areas to be sure your proposal fits within their guidelines before submitting your application.
  2. Any funder that has agreed to accept this application may request additional information at any stage in their application process.
  3. Every funder has different deadlines and timetables. Refer to each organization's funding guidelines.
  4. Do not return the application to Philanthropy New York. Submit your application directly to the organization from which you are requesting support.
  5. Questions should be directed to the organization from which you are requesting support.
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