About Us

Since 1979, Philanthropy New York has worked to enhance the ability of philanthropic organizations and individual donors in the New York region to serve the public good.

Our membership comprises 280+ grantmaking organizations — the world’s leading private, corporate, family and public foundations. Collectively, they provide $6 billion in annual support to thousands of nonprofits and NGOs located in New York, the U.S. and around the world.

Philanthropy New York:

  • Supports meaningful collaboration and knowledge-sharing for funders and their grantees
  • Promotes effective, strategic philanthropy
  • Provides programs, services and resources
  • Advances public policies that support effective philanthropy and efficient nonprofits
  • Communicates the value of philanthropy and the philanthropic sector
  • Develops philanthropic leaders to ensure a diverse and capable future

Learn more about how PNY supports effective philanthropy in our region through our annual reports.  

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