Kathryn O'Neal-Dunham
Chief Executive Officer
212.714.0699, ext. 203 (Main)
646.905.3675 (Direct)
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Stephanie Boarden
Chief of Staff
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Adriana de Lucio
Executive Coordinator
212.714.0699, ext. 215 (Main)
646.905.3686 (Direct)
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Administration & Finance

Administration and Finance manage PNY’s financial responsibilities, our organizational accounting, and various services for our members, including our conference facilities, our jobs board, our fiscal sponsorships, and our tax-deferred annuity program.

Hajrina Shehu
Chief Financial Officer
212.714.0699, ext. 207 (Main)
646.905.3678 (Direct)
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Ramona Gadsden
Administrative Associate
212.714.0699, ext. 217 (Main)
646.905.3680 (Direct)
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Angela Romualdez
Office and Conference Manager
212.714.0699, ext. 202 (Main)
646.905.3693 (Direct)
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Learning Services

Learning Services is responsible for designing, managing, and implementing our 150-plus programs, conferences, events, and series each year.

Yi-Ching Lin
Vice President of Learning
212.714.0699, ext. 210 (Main)
646.905.3677 (Direct)
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Carolyn Peters
Learning Services Associate
212.714.0699, ext. 225 (Main)
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Jelena Kostadinovic
Learning Services Associate
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Member Services

Member Services is the primary liaison to our members, handling our enrollment and renewal procedures; professional peer networks and connecting members to each other; member-specific research, requests, and questions; and member access to our website.

Kristen M. Ruff

Senior Vice President
212.714.0699, ext. 221 (Main)
646.905.3676 (Direct)
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Donita Volkwijn
Senior Director, Member Engagement
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Anthony Salgado
Coordinator, Member Services
212.714.0699, ext. 103 (Main)
646.905.3681 (Direct)
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Public Policy

Public Policy oversees our public policy initiatives and interactions with local, state, and national government officials.


Marlon Williams
Vice President of Collaboration and Policy
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Ariane Cruz
Philanthropy Fellow
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Javon Robinson
Philanthropy Fellow
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Communications oversees PNY's brand and communications products, including the organization's website, newsresources, commentaries, publications, and other internal and external communications.

Nora Cusanelli
Communications Manager
212.714.0699, ext. 212 (Main)
646.905.3684 (Direct)
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