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Recent News

Open Society Foundations, in partnership with a group of other philanthropy organizations, funded a Cleveland State University report, Our Pathway to a Brighter Future: Ohio's New Americans, which highlights the crucial role immigrants play in Ohio's economy. Read more @Public Now
Atlantic Philanthropies releases new books exploring how philanthropy can partner with government and support advocacy campaigns. Read more @Atlantic Philanthropies
The quality of abortion care depends on where a woman lives, says one of most comprehensive reviews of research on safety and quality of abortion care in the U.S. Read more @Public Now
Casey Family Programs, a national grant maker in the child welfare field, has launched the Community Opportunity Map, a tool that allows users to see localized indicators connected to community health and maltreatment prevention. Read more @Chronicle of Social Change
As the global refugee crisis persists, it’s become clear that old humanitarian aid models no longer hold up, forcing nonprofits and NGOs to look to  tech to expand and overhaul the way they operate. Read more @Fast Company