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The portion of the philanthropic pie devoted to criminal legal reform is not only remarkably slim but also subject to unsettling fluctuations. These trends raise pressing questions about the state of funding for criminal legal reform, particularly as some foundations opt to spend down or reshape... more »
At Settlement Health center in East Harlem, the proof of a post-pandemic literacy drive is on the bookshelves. Read @ The United Hospital Fund
If I take out student debt to pay for education, will I make the income I need to pay it off? If I invest my time and energy to complete a postsecondary program, will I be better off than if I never pursued college at all? Read @ The Century Foundation
Claire is the most recent addition to what is now a board of eight committed and influential advocates for social and environmental justice.  Read @ The Arcus Foundation
In this role, Kristi will help guide and measure strategic efforts to leverage all the foundation’s assets in ways that advance impact toward racial, economic, and environmental justice. Read @ The Nathan Cummings Foundation