Racial Equity Resources

Philanthropy New York has been working to deepen our own learning, and that of our members, about structural racism and its deep roots in our history, culture, and institutions. Core to our work is designing programs and sharing resources that equip members to adapt and transform their practices as philanthropic organizations.


We work to embed racial equity analysis into Philanthropy New York programming and continually invest resources in developing programming of all shapes and sizes that can offer guidance to funders on foundational racial equity concepts, internal organization equity practices, grantmaking frameworks, and how structural racism impacts all areas in which we work.

Our programming is ever-evolving. It has included:

We add new programs to our Calendar of Events regularly and all PNY members should receive our program emails each Tuesday with the list of upcoming offerings. Please continue to share with us the type of programming that would support your foundation in advancing racial justice.

Philanthropy New York has a long history of supporting programs that seek to increase diversity in our sector and beyond. Learn more about this work here.


Thousands of resources exist to support and move individuals and organizations wherever we all are on our racial equity journey. RacialEquityTools.org provides a deep database of tools, resources, and learning opportunities.

Subscribe to The Weekly Phil, where Philanthropy New York members share articles and resources that align with PNY's commitment to racial equity. Read PNY's Insights Column, which includes member and sector leader reflections on how structural racism impacts philanthropy and the communities being served.

Below are resources we have used in our Leading with Race Equity cohort program and additional resources from partners in philanthropy who have been offering the field guidance on advancing racial justice for decades.

Please share resources, training opportunities, and consultants you have worked with to deepen your racial equity work.


Organizational Race Equity Work

Frameworks, resources, and articles focused on organizational culture and operating practices.

Consultants & Training Organizations

Many foundations engage consultants and training organizations to work with individuals and their institutions to deepen learning about levels of racism, establish institutional racial equity frameworks and transform organizational culture and practices.

Philanthropy New York and PNY members have shared 'diversity, equity and inclusion' consultants and training organizations.

'DEI' is a broad category that encompasses related but distinct concepts. As such, this list of consultants is inclusive of a wide range of consulting work, expertise, and approaches. As you explore consulting firms and training organizations, it's important to unpack 'DEI' and understand what kind of work you're looking to do with a consultant.

Several consultants and organizations have developed assessment tools that help organizations reflect on where they are in terms of racial equity work and where they might want to focus. (For example, this organizational assessment from Race Matters Institute or this series of questions developed by Western States Center for advocacy groups to assess readiness and capacity to move a racial justice agenda.) Catalyst: ed's DEI Expert Hub provides sample projects to help organizations more effectively scope work they are ready to engage in, under the broad DEI umbrella.

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Philanthropic Practices & Funding

Research and resources that are race-explicit and focused on funding practices.

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Resources for funders that are broadly about equity and power that can be applied to racial equity work in philanthropy: