Advancing Racial Equity

Advancing Racial Equity

Philanthropy New York has been working to deepen our own learning, and that of our members, about structural racism and its roots in our history, culture, and institutions. We design programs, curate conversations, and share resources that equip our members to adapt and transform their practices as philanthropic organizations in service to racial equity.

What can you expect from Philanthropy New York? We strive to hold honest, critical, and courageous conversations about race and racism that support PNY members in building funding strategies that address the root causes of the problems they seek to address. We approach learning as testing assumptions and challenging conventional wisdom in order to adapt and evolve practice over time. We build community to support individuals and organizations in taking action to change their internal and external culture and practices.

Key Philanthropy New York Programs

Philanthropy New York has built cohort offerings for members to work and learn together as they advance racial equity within their organizations.

Learn About Racial Equity

A multitude of resources exists -- from recorded Philanthropy New York programming to articles to guide -- to support your racial equity learning.

  1. Thought Leadership
  2. Internal Operations
  3. Philanthropic Practice

Partner & Take Action for Racial Equity

"Diversity, equity and inclusion" is a broad category that encompasses related but distinct concepts. As you explore training organizations and consulting firms, it's important to unpack DEI and understand what kind of work you're looking to do with a consultant.

Several consultants and organizations have developed assessment tools that help organizations reflect on where they are in terms of racial equity work and where they might want to focus. (For example, this organizational assessment from Race Matters Institute or this series of questions developed by Western States Center for organizing groups to assess readiness and capacity to move a racial justice agenda.)

Check out these helpful resources before hiring a consultant: 

Racial Equity Training Organizations & Consultants 

Numerous consultants and training organizations work with institutions and individuals to deepen commitment to and transform organizational practices in service of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Explore consultants and firms Philanthropy New York or PNY members have worked with.

If you have additional training organizations and/or consultants you recommend, please share them with us and we will add them to this list.