PNY Core: Policy Core

This series is a set of perennial programs at Philanthropy New York that helps funders navigate the legal, strategic, and governance activity necessary to incorporate advocacy and amplify your work.  It is a part of our PNY Core, offered every 18-24 months and as needed.

Philanthropic organizations – whether private foundations, community foundations, public charities, corporate foundations or family foundations – have considerable legal rights to exercise their voice in public policy discussions, but there are limitations.  Today, when the imperative to speak out seems more intense than ever, every staff member at every level should consider investing in a refresher on the limits – and the considerable breadth – foundations have to engage in public debate.  

Even if your foundation makes the legitimate choice to remain silent on policy concerns, it is important for every person in your organization to know your rights and your limitations. Those boundaries are complicated, in part because there are significant differences between federal laws and New York State and City laws that could necessitate burdensome reporting requirements. 

2023 Policy Core Series: 

View recordings of our 2022 series: From Cautious to Courageous: How Foundations Can Step up Advocacy & Invest in Change:

Other past offerings include (click below for past descriptions):

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