PNY Core: Philanthropy 101

Informing the Context for Philanthropic Work

Philanthropy 101 is a five-part series that helps all staff new to philanthropy better understand the sector. It is for PNY members only. The curriculum was developed in partnership with the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy's Grantmaking School team. It is a part of our PNY Core offerings.

This interactive course will provide a historical overview of philanthropy, review a foundation's leadership and governance, provide an overview of grantmaking, debate the current big issues in philanthropy, and explore the various roles within philanthropy.

Philanthropy 101 takes place over five Friday morning sessions across Fall and Winter and is relevant to staff in any position at a grantmaking organization. The series was piloted in 2016-2017 and is a cohort-based program similar to our long-standing and successful Essential Skills and Strategies for New Grantmakers (ESS). The five modules will build on each other, and participants are expected to commit to attending all five

Designed for:

Anyone who has joined the philanthropic sector within the last 1 to 2 years or is interested in a refresher; open to the entire range of disciplines within the field, e.g., Assistant to the President, Program Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Controller, Human Services Director, Trustee, Program Assistant, among others.

2020 Series (Registration is closed)

Friday, September 18 - Speaking the Same Language
Presenter: Jason McGill, Arcus Foundation

Provides a broad overview of the philanthropic sector, from what motivates philanthropies to give to identifying the types of grantmakers, to discussing the role of the nonprofit sector as a service provider, and its relationship with both the private and public sectors.

Friday, October 23 - So You're Working for a Foundation... Power and Your New Community
Presenters: cori schmanke parrish, North Star Fund; Prachi Patankar, Foundation for a Just Society

Helps to ground you in the role you play within your new organization and within your professional and personal networks.

Friday, November 13 - Foundation Governance and Legal Issues
Presenters: Kenneth Austin, The Wallace Foundation; Nick Hodges, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

Takes a dive into what is a 501(c)3, identifying who philanthropy is accountable to, foundation board responsibilities, and reviewing key legal and ethical issues in grantmaking through scenarios and guiding principles.

Friday, November 20 - Fundamentals of Grantmaking
Presenters: Jenny Negron, The Pinkerton Foundation; Danielle Pulliam, The Pinkerton Foundation

Offers a look into the core cycle of how foundations make grants, as well as provides an overview of how foundations give, ways to manage relationships with grantees, and discuss where implicit bias plays a role in grantmaking.

Friday, December 11 - The Great Debates in Philanthropy
Presenters: Doug Bauer, The Clark Foundation; Rini Banerjee, Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation

Pits seasoned philanthropists, one-on-one, in robust debates around the philanthropic topics of the century. 

**Registration opens in late August every year. To register, please click on the Speaking the Same Language program page and be automatically registered for the remainder of the series.**

For any questions, comments, and/or recommendations, please contact Carolyn Peters, Learning Services Associate.