Committees & Advisory Groups

One of the many ways our members may become more involved in Philanthropy New York is by serving on a board committee or advisory group.

Committee members lead, recommend and develop policies that help us shape our organization. Advisory group members inform specific aspects of our programs, communications, and resources.

The commitment level for each committee or group varies, but there is an expectation that members will attend meetings and be willing to participate in independent projects as they arise. Members usually join those committees or groups best suited to their professional strengths.

PNY board members lead and serve on each committee. 

Consider getting involved with one of these committees/groups:

Invite or Board-only committees:


  • Registration will take place in early September.
  • Committees meet from September 1- June 30.

Committee membership depends on the availability of open slots and, in certain instances, a proper skills match.

Members interested in serving on a committee should contact the staff person noted on each committee page.