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Why Join Philanthropy New York?

Deepen knowledge. Embrace curiosity. Be more effective in your work. Join a community of funders who are actively evolving philanthropic practice.

The PNY Member Experience

If you’re a funder who wants to join forces to build a more equitable, democratic and sustainable society, you belong at Philanthropy New York. Guided by our values of equity, learning, leadership and community, PNY’s work is rooted in our fundamental goal - to catalyze a more just and equitable society. We create thoughtful programming to uplift and enhance learning and skills in the philanthropic community and build leadership to drive change. When you become a PNY member, you will be part of a network of more than 280 institutional members who:

  • Connect and build community
  • Learn
  • Lead
  • Partner to take action for racial equity
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Connect and Build Community

Exchange lessons and strategies from your peers to strengthen your practice, navigate the philanthropic sector and form lasting connections. Building community at PNY begins with creating new relationships and deepening existing connections across program areas, professional roles and issues of shared interest. Whether you are new to philanthropy or a veteran in the field, we have a place for you. Through focused groups and one-on-one connections, our community supports you in building strong working relationships with colleagues. PNY’s communities of practice prompt you to ask questions you hadn’t thought to ask.

What we offer
  • Curated learning communities that span roles, program areas, and shared interests.
  • Knowledge sharing across the PNY community keeps you abreast of current issues and on the leading edge of best practices.


Sharpen core organizational and grantmaking competencies so you can innovate and adapt to shifting norms and emerging trends in the field. Members from philanthropic organizations of all sizes come to PNY for virtual and in-person programs designed to cultivate the skills for impact and help them implement models of practice that fit their unique needs. We are a community that embraces learning as an exploration of different perspectives, inclusive of a full range of expertise and experience. We test assumptions and challenge the sector’s conventional wisdom in order to adapt and evolve practice over time.

What we offer
  • New to philanthropy? Philanthropy 101, Essential Skills and Strategies for New Program Officers, and the entire PNY Core series equip professionals with practical knowledge on grantmaking, supporting grantee health, maximizing grant impact, and navigating legal and regulatory issues in order to be courageous your funding.
  • Tenured? Our intensive cohort programs help participants learn and lead change to better with a more equitable philanthropic sector. Examples include Program Officers as Champions, Racial Equity Working Group, Trust-Based Philanthropy with a Racial Equity Lens, and Applied Financial Analysis for Program Officers.
  • PNY staff are a knowledgeable resource to help guide where to go for learning and support within the philanthropic ecosystem.
  • Digital resources such as a dedicated library of program recordings, take-aways from key programs, and insights articles where members share insights and practices make learning accessible and fit into busy schedules.


Leadership is about action, not seniority or authority. Through programming and collaborative action, Philanthropy New York looks to build a diverse community of agents of change in our sector. Join our members to leverage the power of your collective voice to build a more equitable, democratic and sustainable society, as well as strengthen your leadership and advocacy skills.

What we offer
  • Cultivating a leaderful ecosystem: We support leadership development at every phase of your career and believe leadership is practiced in relationship with others. Our programs build member capacity for reflective leadership practice and mobilizing for impact.
  • CEO Networks: Peer-to-peer groups allow member CEOs to build working relationships with other executives/CEOs, and to have nuanced high-level strategy and leadership conversations. PNY serves as a critical hub for executives to connect with peers to problem-solve, ideate, and create socially impactful solutions together.
  • Collective advocacy for structural change: Members organize around and advocate for local and state policies and practices that create and sustain a thriving nonprofit sector and have systemic effects on issues and margnized communities our members serve. Through PNY, members build collaborative relationships with the government to foster an environment aimed at improving conditions for the region's foundations and nonprofits.

Partner to Take Action for Racial Equity

We strive to hold honest, critical, and courageous conversations about race and racism that support members to address the root causes of inequities through their internal and external work. Members adapt and transform their internal and external practices in service to racial equity and build capacity to advance equity through their spheres of influence.

What we offer
  • Dedicated programming that supports professionals in all roles operationalize commitments to creating, building and sustaining more racially equitable culture and practices.
  • Resources that help members make sense of the multitude of resources that exist -- from recorded Philanthropy New York programming to articles to support racial equity learning and change.
  • Learning Spaces: We design and facilitate learning spaces that value both lived and learned expertise, allowing members to exchange information about what organizational change in service to racial equity looks and feels like for philanthropic organizations.