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    Brooklyn Community Foundation Announces Realigned Program Areas

    Brooklyn Community Foundation launched a focus on three core areas -- youth, neighborhoods, and nonprofits.....Read more

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    More Schools Nationwide are Experimenting with Diversity Programs

    A new report from the Century Foundation shows that more districts nationwide are using socioeconomic status to shape admissions processes........Read More

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    Peterson Foundation Says Obama Budget Doesn’t Address Unsustainable Debt

    Michael A. Peterson, President and CEO of the Peterson Foundation, commented that President Obama's budget for fiscal year 2017 does not sufficiently address the key drivers of long-term debt...... Read More

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    'What Works Cities' 2016 Senior Fellows Announced (Bloomberg)

    2016 WWC Senior Fellows will be providing expert guidance to city leaders in participating What Works Cities as they expand their use of data and evidence to improve residents’ lives.... Read More

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    Follow @NYPhilPost for More News

    The PhilanthroPost is on Twitter! Follow us at @NYPhilPost for even more news...Read more


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