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Philanthropy and the Interfaith Imperative
Thursday, May 24, 2018

Loni M. Bordoloi Pazich, Ph.D., Program Director, The Teagle Foundation and Tony Banout, Ph.D., Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Interfaith Youth Corps write "Philanthropy works best when it advances solutions to that which seems unsolvable, such as the dominant notion that religious groups have always, and will always, be locked in violent conflict. The stickiness of this idea in news journalism and the popular imagination all too easily becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, quickly leading to resignation."

The Power of Giving Caregivers Extra Hands for Their Research
Thursday, May 17, 2018

Betsy Myers, Ph.D., Program Director for Medical Research at the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation writes,More than 40 percent of young physicians with full-time faculty appointments at academic medical schools leave academics within 10 years. The reasons for this alarming attrition are complex, but a major contributing factor is that young faculty members, particularly women, face substantial extraprofessional demands, such as caring for children and/or parents, just as they are building a research career. ​​​​​​"

Why Cultural Critics of Color Matter
Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Elizabeth Mendez Berry, Director, Voice, Creativity and Culture at The Nathan Cummings Foundations writes "The Black Panther conversation is an example of what pop culture critics of color can do with resources and real estate. The coverage of Coco, another recent Disney movie spotlighting people of color, illustrates how a film’s impact can be stifled without engaged criticism by writers who have a stake in its subject."

The Next Five Years: Three Reasons We Must Adapt
Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Maya Winkelstein, Executive Director, Open Road Alliance writes "When is an organization no longer a ‘start-up’? Is it age, size, or some other acquired wisdom that moves it out of the ‘test and experiment’ stage into the ‘institutional’ one? When is it time for an organization to change or adapt?"

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