PNY Core: Financial Series

This popular professional development series is a set of perennial programs at Philanthropy New York that help funders understand how to assess organizational health through financial analysis. Designed for philanthropy professionals in any role, from trustee to staff, these interactive offerings help funders build their skills to analyze grantee financial documents. What’s more, they help funders consider the role of financial review in the grantmaking process, and how to make that most useful to their funding institutions, as well as to their grantees.

Some members will benefit from taking the entire set of eight programs - particularly those seeking a primer/refresher first before diving deep into additional topics.

Other members may choose to just participate in the three-part mini series on how to analyze and evaluate grantee IRS Form 990’s and financial statements (these must be taken together).

WHAT’S NEW? This year we've added a third offering in the 990/financial statement mini-series to allow for more interactive case study discussion that helps funders practice what they’ve learned. We’ve also added a series “capstone” - whereby funders get to put on the hat of grantees and engage with peers about what makes for effective financial due diligence practices. 

We hope you’ll join us for any and all of this series!

2018 Financial Series

2017 Financial Series (click below for past descriptions)

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