Finance Committee

Group Type: 

Overarching Committee Mission:

The Finance Committee is established to assist the Board with all financial policies and strategies, including but not limited to: review of the annual budget(s), review and monitor financial reporting, approve and monitor investments, and approve significant financial policies.  The Committee is established in the Bylaws as a standing Committee of the Board.


  • Working with staff, create a two year budget projection that accurately monitors risks such as taxes and healthcare increases while maintaining excellence for our membership 
  • Provide prudent oversight of the organization’s investments and make recommendations for moving investments, as necessary, to achieve the goals of the organization’s Investment Policy Statement
  • Monitor the organization’s risk and insurance coverage
  • Monitor the organization’s 403B and ensure the funds offered meet the criteria outlined by the board

Committee Leadership

  • Chair & Treasurer: Rosanna Aybar, Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration, William T. Grant Foundation


Members serve a two-year term, commencing in September of each year.

Key responsibilities:

Attend three meetings per year—February, April/May and October/November and a conference call meeting during the summer (July/August) to review mid-year financials recommends changes in financial policies to the board.

The Finance Committee is currently recruiting individuals who has served as a Chief Investment Officer or have overseen and managed investments.  Trustees with oversight of investments are also welcome.