Yi-Ching Lin

Yi-Ching Lin serves as the Vice President of Learning at Philanthropy New York, a trusted community of nearly 300 philanthropic organizations. PNY develops forward-thinking guidance, programming, and advocacy to address the unique challenges of philanthropy and convenes funders to strengthen ties across the sector. In her role, Yi-Ching directs and evaluates PNY’s program strategy, working with PNY members, partners, and staff to develop and implement the organization’s educational programs and events.
Prior to her role at PNY, Yi-Ching served in positions related to film, youth leadership and development, advocacy, higher education, social services, and applied music across NYC's five boroughs. Yi-Ching holds a Bachelor of Science from Emory University and a Master of Arts from New York University. As a professionally trained artist, Yi-Ching enjoys writing, photography, and making music in her free time.