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Program-Related Investing: Skills & Strategies for New PRI Funders

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When grantmakers talk about assessing and managing the risks associated with program-related investing, they're referring to both financial and programmatic concerns. GrantCraft asked five experienced PRI makers how they think about risk, how they weigh and balance different sorts of risk, and how they mitigate risk in their PRI portfolios.

Rockefeller Brothers Fund Increases Spending to Seize ‘Hinge Moment in History’

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The Rockefeller Brothers Fund announced today that it will increase its annual spending to allocate an additional $48 million over the next five years to address critical system failures that underlie both the COVID-19 pandemic and the enduring...

The Ford Foundation's $1.0 Billion Bond - A Briefing Note from SeaChange Capital Partners

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The Ford Foundation announced last week that it would roughly double its grantmaking in each of the next two years. This is terrific as the immense challenges of the present moment require this type of outside the box thinking by foundations.


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