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Leveraging the Power of Foundations: An Analysis of Program-Related Investments

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This Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University analysis of key trends in foundation engagement in program-related investments between 2000 and 2010 finds that there is significant interest in PRIs, and that many foundations that use PRIs report successful results, but their use is still limited to a relatively small number of foundations.

What to Look for in a Nonprofit's Financial Statement

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In What to Look for in a Nonprofit's Financial Statement, participants learned how to analyze and evaluate nonprofit financial statements and know what questions to raise for further analysis. They walked through a set of financial statements, focusing on definitions and relationships of numbers.

Key Facts on Mission Investing

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The number of charitable foundations employing their investment portfolios to achieve a social benefit is on the rise, according to this report. Key Facts on Mission Investing finds that one in seven surveyed foundations are directing their assets to market-rate mission-related investments and/or below-market-rate program-related investments. By investing endowment dollars to further their charitable missions, these grantmakers —which hold 20 percent of all U.S. foundation assets— are extending the public benefit of their resources. The report also offers perspective from Stephen Viederman,...

Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation Investment Policy

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Innovative strategies and new investment opportunities can be used to align investment practices with mission objectives to sustain the public good. Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation offers a look at their investment policy which can be used as a template for others.


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