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What Makes an Effective Coalition?

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The California Endowment, a leading funder of policy advocacy efforts, commissioned TCC Group to conduct new research on the crucial ingredients for an effective coalition or network. Written by TCC Group's Director of Evaluation Jared Raynor, the report identifies the characteristics of effective coalitions and examines how they can be cultivated and evaluated.
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How Foundations Use Communications to Advance Their Public Policy Work

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This study examines how foundations that wish to engage in public policy are using communications to expand the reach and impact of their work. It reveals that communications is at the very center of successful policy engagement for the foundations interviewed, which make use of ten distinctly different strategies to boost their policy engagement. Among the foundations included in the study are The Atlantic Philanthropies, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Ford Foundation, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

It’s Time to Tell a New Story

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The moral oath America made to those seeking asylum is broken. The daily onslaught of inhumane actions and policy changes targeting immigrants and refugees are not only hostile, but also physically and emotionally taxing.
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