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24 Sep 2014

Expanding Opportunities and Improving City Social Services Quality through a Career Ladder Approach

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 -
8:45am to 10:30am
The City of New York delivers most human services through $5 billion in annual contracts with non-profit providers. However, there are insufficient opportunities for lower-level social service case workers at these providers to acquire the education...
22 Jul 2014

The Rollback on Reproductive Rights and Justice

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 -
8:45am to 11:00am
The opposition to reproductive rights in this country employs many different tactics that target a variety of communities, from the criminalization of pregnant women, to promoting myths like Asian American women are giving birth to more boys than...
17 Jul 2014

Pulitzer Winner Barton Gellman on Philanthropy’s Role in Better Balancing Competing Demands on Civil Liberties and National Security

Thursday, July 17, 2014 -
2:45pm to 5:00pm
In the wake of 9/11, government actions have led to an ongoing national debate about how to strike the right balance between civil liberties and national security in the U.S. From the swift enactment of the USA Patriot Act of 2001 and creation of...
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15 Jul 2014

Art, Technology and Intellectual Property: How Funders Can Help Artists and Arts Institutions Navigate this Changing Landscape

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 -
2:45pm to 5:00pm
The digital age has transformed the way we produce and consume culture. For artists and arts institutions, new and changing technologies have given them the means to reach new and wider audiences, but also they bring new challenges as art,...
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Hearing More About c4s? You're Not Alone - Webinar Recording

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Hearing More About c4s? you're Not Alone - A Webinar How can funders create the best conditions for significant policy changes? Many funders are now adding c4 funding to their toolkit in order to move policy agendas forward. Is it right for your foundation? Explore Why 501c4s should be an important tool to consider (c4s picking up where c3s left off) How c3s can work with c4s to achieve greater impact How and when foundations can support c4s Presenters Abby Levine , Director, Bolder Advocacy program, Alliance for Justice Ronnie Pawelko , Senior Counsel,...
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New York State Grantmakers for Census Equity

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In 2017, a small group of funders came together to create a learning community about the upcoming 2020 census, and to consider ways in which philanthropy could play a role in ensuring a fair and accurate census count.That group became PNY's 2020 Census Work Group . Working with the membership of PNY's upstate sister organization New York Funders Alliance , an expanded group of funders and philanthropic member associations established New York State Grantmakers for Census Equity , a collaboration through which funders can coordinate the allocation of resources towards census-...


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