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The State of Philanthropy Tech and Implications for Our Workplace

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The Foundation Administrators Network (FAN) is a Philanthropy New York professional peer network of HR and operations professionals at member grantmaking organizations. FAN hosts quarterly meetings on a broad range of topics relevant to HR and operations administration. How common is it for foundation staff to be back in the office? What platforms and tools are others using for remote and grantmaking? How can I leverage peer benchmarking to advocate change within my organization? To assist in answering these questions, in July 2022, Technology Association of Grantmakers (TAG) conducted a...

A Consumers Guide to Grants Management Software

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Completely updated in 2013, this free in-depth guide looks at the features and processes used by 28 grants management systems to help private foundations accept and review applications and track grants throughout their life cycles. It compares the strengths and weaknesses of the different grants management packages, showing how they stack up against 19 high-level categories, and then detailing the functionality of each for more than 180 specific criteria.

The Effective Exit: Managing the End of a Funding Relationship

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In grantmaking, is there such a thing as the good goodbye? Yes, say contributors to this guide, who have found ways to plan for exits upfront, clarify expectations with grantee organizations, and overcome the tensions that so often arise. Learn how to use the end of a funding relationship to boost a grantee's capacity, find new sources of support, and even multiply the value of the foundation’s investment.

Smarter Relationships, Better Results: Making the Most of Grantmakers' Work with Intermediaries

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Grantmakers often work with intermediaries to extend their reach and impact. GEO’s digital funders' brief offers insights from intermediaries and examples of grantmaker practices that help or hinder the effectiveness of intermediaries. Readers will find a breakdown of three grantmaker-intermediary relationship models, step-by-step relationship building recommendations, and more.
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What to Look for in a Nonprofit's Financial Statement

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In What to Look for in a Nonprofit's Financial Statement, participants learned how to analyze and evaluate nonprofit financial statements and know what questions to raise for further analysis. They walked through a set of financial statements, focusing on definitions and relationships of numbers.


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