Evolving Roles for Intermediaries Can Add Value to International Grantmaking

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 -
9:00am to 11:00am EDT
Philanthropy New York, 1500 Broadway, 7th Floor, NYC
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Relationships between international funders, intermediary organizations, and community-based organizations have evolved tremendously over the past decade. Funders are increasingly seeking out intermediaries that are true thought-partners and engaged deeply with the local partners carrying out the work on the ground. As funders place a higher value on grantmaking that is guided by the knowledge and experience of local leaders, there is increasing attention being paid to the role of the intermediary as a crucial link in using philanthropic resources to build strong, resilient and sustainable locally-led organizations.

Gone are the days when intermediaries were expected to simply "pass on" grant dollars as part of a special or specific project, or implement a general international grantmaking program. Local and community-based leaders are no-longer content to surrender their agency and self-determination, or that of their communities, to larger organizations. While intermediaries remain an essential part of the equation and local organizations’ "capacity" to manage grant dollars can be a factor in the movement of dollars, evidence points to the efficacy of local organizations to carry out the work. In this conversation, we will talk with each of the three players – funder, intermediary, local program operator – about how that relationship continues to evolve.

  • How funders can better understand how their investments can be maximized to ensure that both the intermediary and community-based organization are able to build strong, resilient and sustainable organizations
  • How intermediaries are increasing support for capacity building and mentoring to community-based organization, enabling the latter to focus on their work on the ground while at the same time building their administrative capabilities
  • How some intermediaries operate within an issue and geographic focus, playing an important convening and field building role
  • The advantages and disadvantages for both small and large institutional funders, as well as individual donors, in partnering with intermediaries
  • A look at the real cost to all partners in doing this work effectively


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