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Speaking Up! Foundations and Advocacy in Europe

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European countries have very diverse traditions in philanthropy, and many foundations not only fund advocacy but directly influence policy agendas through their operational programmes. This guide explores how foundations do so through interactions with local and national governments as well as the European institutions.

Can Nonprofits Increase Voting Among Their Clients, Constituents, and Staff? An Evaluation of the Track the Vote Program

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Conducted with funding and other support from the Ford, Cedar Tree and Open Society foundations and Public Interest Projects, this study found that nonprofits were especially effective in increasing turnout during the 2012 elections among groups that have long been underrepresented in the electoral process.
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Advancing Human Rights: The State of Global Foundation Grantmaking

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This new research report, the result of a partnership between the Foundation Center and the International Human Rights Funders Group (IHRFG), is the first-ever data-driven analysis of the scope and landscape of global human rights grantmaking. According to Advancing Human Rights, over 12,000 human rights grants totaling $1.2 billion supported more than 6,800 organizations worldwide in 2010. (The Ford Foundation was the largest human rights funder in 2010 by grant dollars [$159.5 million], while the Open Society Foundations ranked second and reported the largest number of grants [1,248].)


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