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It’s OK to Pause and Think. In Fact, Please Do.

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Day after day, month after month, crisis upon crisis comes. Just last month, I used this space to talk with you about what has been learned over the years from Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy that could be applied to Harvey. This month we must face...

One Difference between Katrina and Harvey: Availability of Information Resources

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The images of desperate families and stories of systematic failure as Hurricane Harvey swept across the Houston area brought back for many the unforgettable images of Katrina. These last few days, Hurricane Irma is making headlines – even as it was...

20 Issues, to Be Specific

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The term “policy work” is so vague that it can seem a bit mysterious to some funders. We know that private foundations are legally prohibited from engaging in lobbying or partisan politics, and we sometimes generalize, erroneously, that all funders...
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