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A Funders Guide to Supporting Nonprofit Technology: 10 Ways to Build Your Grantees' Technical Savvy

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Working with partners at several major foundations, Idealware created this guide to promote technology capacity building as a powerful way to have a broad-reaching positive impact throughout a nonprofit organization. It includes 10 clear ways foundations can support the technology capacity of their grantees and case studies of foundations that have seen success implementing these tactics.

2013 State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey

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Nonprofit Finance Fund’s fifth annual survey, supported by the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, details the substantial changes that many nonprofits are making after years of economic stress. Among the findings: 42 percent of survey respondents report that they do not have the right mix of financial resources to thrive and be effective in the next 3 years, and only 14 percent of nonprofits receiving state and local funding (and 17 percent of federal fund recipients) are paid for the full cost of their services.

Making IT Decisions

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Administrative professionals routinely intersect with their organization’s technology infrastructure. Whether you outsource or insource your foundation’s technology needs, it is critical to understand how to approach projects so you make decisions that fit your specific organization needs and capacity and maximize your return on investment. Guli Basu, Information Services Operations Manager at the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, guided members through key elements to making smart IT decisions.

Foundation Leaders Address the State Budget Crises

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Nearly 90 percent of the country's largest foundations report that at least some of the nonprofits they support have been severely affected by state budget cuts, and a quarter of the funders surveyed reported having grantees that were forced to suspend operations. To help address the situation, about half the funders said they have provided assistance to affected nonprofits. This study also includes an essay by Doug Bauer, Executive Director of The Clark Foundation.

What Makes an Effective Coalition?

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The California Endowment, a leading funder of policy advocacy efforts, commissioned TCC Group to conduct new research on the crucial ingredients for an effective coalition or network. Written by TCC Group's Director of Evaluation Jared Raynor, the report identifies the characteristics of effective coalitions and examines how they can be cultivated and evaluated.
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