Shaping Productive Foundation Culture

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November, 2016
Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

Shaping Productive Foundation Culture

Our newest resource, Shaping Culture Through Key Moments, offers you the opportunity to connect with and learn from your colleagues in the GEO community who are working to support productive organizational cultures.

The GEO community is united by the belief that when nonprofits are strong, we all take a step forward. But giving grantees the support that matters most to them requires us to put them at the center of our work. Intentionally nurturing a productive culture helps us build the empathy necessary to strengthen relationships with grantees. And it helps us change our own practices, so that we can adopt more of the smarter grantmaking approaches that help nonprofits get real results and create transformational change.

We know that a productive organization culture is critical to our effectiveness as grantmakers because culture doesn't stay within the walls of our organizations; it impacts everything we do and requires an intentional focus. But you may also feel stuck in being able to make progress on your desire to be more intentional. And you may be wondering about opportunities to take a hard look at which aspects of your culture reflect your values and which don't. Because you understand the connection between a productive organizational culture and the success of your grantees, I think you'll enjoy learning from the stories of your peers in Shaping Culture Through Key Moments.

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