New York PhilPost Editorial Board

New York PhilPost Staff Leadership
New York PhilPost Executive Editor – Vanessa Castro

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Overarching Committee Mission:

New York PhilPost Editorial Board members (1) regularly suggest topics and/or writers for the Opinions & Insights column and (2) scan media coverage of issues covered by the New York PhilPost and send links to the Managing Editor.
  • Suggest topics and/or writers for the New York PhilPost’s Opinions & Insights column
  • Write occasional pieces for Opinions & Insights
  • Take responsibility for following at least one issue covered by the PhilPost (Education, Health, Women & Girls, Corporate Social Responsibility, Food Systems, Workforce Development, Children, Youth & Families, Juvenile Justice, Arts & Creative Communities, Economic & Community Development, Immigration, Affordable Housing & Homelessness, Environment & Climate Change, and Economic Security) and help supply the Managing Editor with fresh content on that topic. 

Members serve two year terms.  There are no term limits.  This is a new committee and is open to all interested members. 
Key responsibilities:
Attend one meeting in the Fall and remain in regular contact with PNY communications staff on relevant issues. 
buffington's picture
Sean Buffington
Vice President
byrd's picture
Brian Byrd
Senior Program Officer
shm's picture
Samantha Chase
Senior Communications Associate
ec's picture
Elizabeth Good Christopherson
President and Chief Executive Officer
kate.debold's picture
Kate Debold
Vice President, Global Philanthropy
fong's picture
Stephany Fong
Communications Associate
cf1's picture
Celeste Ford
Director of Media Relations
beeta's picture
Beeta Jahedi
Director of Strategy and Communications
ariklick's picture
Ari Klickstein
Communications Assistant
legendre's picture
Yasmine Legendre
Program Associate
rluftglass's picture
Rick Luftglass
Executive Director
rmelen's picture
Robin Melen
Program Officer
jperalta's picture
Joseph Peralta
Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant
otarasov's picture
Olga Tarasov
Director of Knowledge Developments