Philanthropy New York Board Approves 2022 Public Policy Slate

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Philanthropy New York Board Approves 2022 Public Policy Slate 

Philanthropy New York believes that achieving impact requires strategic investments and work to create the conditions in which those investments can thrive. PNY’s public policy work engages diverse stakeholders to create the policy conditions that allow our members and their grantees to create a stronger and more equitable New York. PNY believes that through participation in public policy and collaboration with the government, the sector can maximize its impact and foster an environment aimed at improving conditions for the region's foundations and nonprofits.

Philanthropy New York’s public policy efforts are guided by the belief that local, state, and
federal laws and policies should:

  • Promote a just and equitable society
  • Strengthen nonprofits and
  • Support a healthy and sustainable philanthropic sector

About this Document
This document identifies and summarizes current public policy issues and updates for PNY’s collective membership and the Public Policy Committee of the Board. This document is not intended to deliver comprehensive analyses of the issues affecting the sector, rather it identifies potential issues that may require PNY’s voice or advocacy in the coming year. We rely on and often work in partnership with national and local organizations in the sector.
These partners include:

  • Council on Foundations
  • Human Services Council
  • Independent Sector
  • National Council of Nonprofits
  • Nonprofit New York
  • United Philanthropy Forum

Our Public Policy Approach
Over the past decade, Philanthropy New York has built a public policy approach that leverages the organization’s strong convening power around the issues members care most about. Philanthropy New York hosts regular meetings among funders concerned with Education/Youth, Health Policy, Arts and Culture, Justice Reform, and the Environment. These funders have built relationships that allow them to collaborate, convene, educate and inform their peers.

Alongside this collaborative convening work, PNY has hosted policy forums, programs, and roundtables with elected officials to discuss, debate, and collaborate around key structural changes and policies that will impact the strategies they fund. New York City’s Deputy Mayors and Commissioners, (as well as federal administration officials) have regularly been invited to speak with PNY members to both provide updates on policy issues and administration programs and to hear from our membership about lessons learned in the field, innovations that should be taken to scale and nonprofit voices that should be engaged on policy reforms. With our members, we have built connections across NYC’s departments, from HRA to ACS, from DYCD to the DOE so that the flow of information and the ability to connect on timely issues is strong. PNY’s Policy staff frequently collaborate and serve as thought partners to New York City’s nonprofit associations, including HSC, FPWA, and Nonprofit New York on policy issues that affect a majority of PNY funders’ grantees.

In addition to local policy and collaborative work, Philanthropy New York engages in education and relationship building at the federal level on an annual and ongoing basis. Through Foundations on the Hill, Philanthropy New York connects members of our funding community with elected officials representing New York City neighborhoods as well as our state Senators.

Finally, Philanthropy New York takes official stands on nonpartisan public policy issues directly affecting the philanthropic sector or the broadest array of nonprofit organizations. This document serves to outline those issues we will be tracking as possible areas of engagement in the 2022 year...

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