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2023 PNY Board Nomination Form

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At Philanthropy New York’s Annual Meeting each spring, the membership votes on the election of new board members. That vote is the end of a process that actually starts now – when we seek nominations for candidates to serve on our Board of Directors who will strengthen Philanthropy New York’s work to build a vibrant philanthropic ecosystem that advances meaningful social change. Over the years, board members’ representation of our member institutions and diverse lived experience have enabled PNY to navigate changes in society and the sector with clarity and confidence. To that end, the board...
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2014-2016 PNY Strategic Plan

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This plan lays out the vision and goals that Philanthropy New York will pursue for the three-year period of 2014 through 2016. The ambitious work we envision for the next three years builds on the successful accomplishments over the last three years, based on our current strategic plan. Those successes are a direct result of the strong and vibrant partnership between Philanthropy New York and our members.
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