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Evolution of the Work Place in Hybrid Times

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The Foundation Administrators Network (FAN) is a Philanthropy New York professional peer network of HR and operations professionals at member grantmaking organizations. FAN hosts quarterly meetings on a broad range of topics relevant to HR and operations administration. In the middle of Year 3 of a global pandemic, mask mandates are still being lifted, boosters are becoming optional, and there is an ever-evolving conversation of how we come back together and build back a new and better workplace. While there is no roadmap to a hybrid workplace that will work for every organization, we can...

Consultants & Training Organizations: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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Numerous consultants and training organizations work with institutions and individuals to deepen commitment to and transform organizational practices in service of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The following are consultants and firms Philanthropy New York or PNY members have worked with. Please share additional recommendations. "Diversity, equity and inclusion" is a broad category that encompasses related but distinct concepts. The list of recommendations below is inclusive of a wide range of consulting work, expertise, and approaches. As you explore consulting firms and training...

Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity Resource List

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The lists provided here by The Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity are not exhaustive but do provide a range of resources that deal directly with the intersection of philanthropy and racial equity and/or diversity or explicitly address issues of institutional and structural racism.

Fund the People Toolkit

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Fund the People created this toolkit to provide practical guidance, promising practices, and illustrative data to help funders, nonprofits, and others to maximize investments in the nonprofit workforce. Nonprofit people are nonprofit programs. Given this reality, supporting the nonprofit workforce is an effective strategy for increasing performance, impact, and sustainability. The toolkit features six content areas to help funders and nonprofit organizations invest in the nonprofit workforce as a strategy for improving the impact and sustainability of the organizations: Case Making: making...


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