PNY Core: Legal Series

This series is a set of perennial programs at Philanthropy New York that provide an overview of the legal and regulatory boundaries in a number of key legal topics.  It is a part of our PNY Core offerings.


Aimed at program officers, executive directors of small foundations, grants managers, as well as legal and/or general counsels looking for a refresh, the Legal Series helps to support a wide range of philanthropic organizations that may not have their own in-house counsel.

Each year, the Legal Series launches with a high level overview of the legal Dos and Don'ts across your day-to-day philanthropic work and continues with an in-depth look into specific areas.

2017-2018 Legal Series (Save the Dates)

2016-2017 Legal Series (click below for past descriptions)

For any questions, comments, and/or recommendations, please contact Kathryn O'Neal-Dunham, Chief Operating Officer.