Continue Reframing Philanthropy With PNY

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Continue Reframing Philanthropy With PNY
By Kyung Yoon, President, Korean American Community Foundation

I am pleased to be writing as the new Board Chair of Philanthropy New York. It’s a privilege to be following in the footsteps of incredible leaders like Mike Pratt, Phil Li and Leisle Lin who, like me, have had the good fortune to partner with Ronna Brown and the wonderful board and staff team at PNY.

If indeed life begins at 40, celebrating PNY’s 40th anniversary at the Annual Meeting was a perfect time to reflect on the theme of Reframing Philanthropy; how we can work together to ensure that philanthropy, over the next forty years, will help to create a more just and equitable society. I spent this summer reflecting on the thought-provoking remarks made by Anand Giridharadas about the internal contradictions of philanthropy to effect social change, as well as the candid and provocative panel discussion by Jennifer Ching, Stephen Heintz, Pamela Shifman and Susan Taylor Batten. These conversations sparked a desire to continue this dialogue with colleagues in the sector and learn more about how you and your work has been impacted. Which is why I’m excited to note that Philanthropy New York will be continuing the conversation this fall with the new PNY at 40: Reframing Philanthropy Series.

As a co-founder and President of the Korean American Community Foundation (KACF), created in 2002 by and for immigrants in New York, I am particularly attuned to the inherent power dynamics in philanthropy and the divide between givers and receivers. At KACF, we believe that the best solutions come from the individuals and communities that are most affected but often not included in the solution process. These issues are why KACF has been working to organize and amplify our community’s collective philanthropy, to increase participation and address needs that are often overlooked and invisible. Reframing philanthropy to include new voices and participation is just one way to improve and enrich our sector.

The series begins on Thursday, September 19th with a debate between Rob Reich and Phil Buchanan, with conversations by Edgar Villanueva and Judy Belk to follow in the coming months. I welcome you to join me as we dive into the Reframing Philanthropy Series and I look forward to embarking on PNY’s next 40 years together!

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