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Engaging New Voters: the Impact of Nonprofit Voter Outreach on Client and Community Turnout

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This report is the fourth in a series of studies examining six districts’ experiences in The Wallace Foundation’s Principal Pipeline Initiative, a six-year effort designed to help these districts build larger pools of strong principals and then study the results.

Inequality and Opportunity: The Role of Exclusion, Social Capital, and Generic Social Processes in Upward Mobility

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Despite top-down measures and informal trends that would seem to encourage integration by providing opportunities for social interactions across socioeconomic and racial divisions, social exclusion persists in the United States, particularly among the poor and disadvantaged. What processes isolate the disadvantaged and thereby limit the accumulation of social capital that would help them get ahead? And how can research illuminate responses that would reduce inequality and improve upward mobility? Duke University’s Linda Burton and Whitney Welsh tackle these questions.
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