Embracing Alternative Leadership Structures in Nonprofit Executive Transitions

Thursday, March 18, 2021 -
3:00pm to 4:30pm EDT
Virtual Meeting - Register by March 17th
Members of PNY & Partner Orgs: 
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As anticipated leadership transitions continue to accelerate in the nonprofit sector, groups are looking internally at who leads and how to make leadership more equitable, effective, and impactful. Rather than replace a single executive director or CEO with another, boards are looking at alternative leadership structures: hiring co-directors, implementing leadership teams, and experimenting with new ways staff members can perform leadership functions. These nontraditional structures can be both rewarding and challenging for funders to support, both during the transition and moving forward.
In this session, you will hear from those who have moved beyond the model of a single leader about the ideas and practices of more distributive organizational leadership. 

  • How alternative leadership structures work, and what motivates groups to experiment and embrace alternative forms of leadership
  • How funders can support alternative leadership models as part of the leadership transition process
  • The pitfalls that funders can and should avoid when their nonprofit partners want to explore this type of transition (e.g., needing more research or evidence of efficacy, managing uncertainty, etc.)



Designed for

All interested funders in grantmaking roles. What to expect: Presentation followed by group discussion.

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