PhilTV: "Giving Grants is Not Enough; The Question is 'Did You Make Things Better?'"

Friday, September 30, 2016

PhilTV: "Giving Grants is Not Enough; The Question is 'Did You Make Things Better?'"
By Shiza Pasha and Stephanie Chrispin, Public Policy Fellows, Philanthropy New York

Darlene J. Curley, RN, MS, FAAN is CEO of the Jonas Family Fund and Executive Director of the Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare, a philanthropic organization charged with improving healthcare access, quality and affordability. She is a frequent speaker and author on topics of healthcare philanthropy, healthy policy and workforce development including opeds in Politico and the L.A. Times.

Curley joined  a panel moderated by Rob Lott,  Deputy Editor of Health Affairs Journal, for the recent program, “Healthcare Crisis: Do We Have the Workforce Needed for Today and Tomorrow?” to explore many of the great challenges in today’s healthcare system, including a rapidly aging population, increases in mental health needs, and the a shortage of trained providers, and their potential solutions. 

In the clip below, Curley speaks specifically to what the Jonas Center is doing to address these issues, and more generally to the role that philanthropy can play in ensuring America’s healthcare workforce is prepared for the rising demand for healthcare services.

The broader discussion touched on strategies to recruit and retain diverse professionals in the workforce, factors influencing workforce design, and how patients hold the key for evaluating the effectiveness of their care. Read more on Storify:

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