Meet Nakia Wallace, the new Program Associate of the Communities Transforming Policing Fund at Borealis Philanthropy

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Meet Nakia Wallace, the new Program Associate of the Communities Transforming Policing Fund at Borealis Philanthropy

The Communities Transforming Policing Fund is thrilled to share that we’ve welcomed a new member to our team: Nakia Renne’ Wallace (She/Her) who will serve as the fund’s Program Associate. 

Nakia is a proud native Detroiter who is passionate about eradicating systemic inequality, fighting alongside underrepresented populations, and elevating the voices and needs of historically oppressed communities. Her most recent experience was with the Michigan Justice Fund, where she worked to divert resources from law enforcement and the criminal legal system and into alternative investments and long term strategies for change. 

Earlier this month, we spent some time learning about Nakia’s passions, and what brought her to the Communities Transforming Policing Fund. Learn more about Nakia below!

Where do you come from? (place of origin or growth, racial and/or ethnic identification etc.)

I am a proud Black woman from Detroit, MI, where I still reside. 

What’s your role at Borealis Philanthropy? What do you do?

I am the Program Associate for the Communities Transforming Policing Fund (CTPF), where I will be supporting the work of grassroots organizations to redefine safety and divert resources into communities and away from policing.

What brings you to Borealis Philanthropy?

It is important to me to support participatory grantmaking and to help prioritize the needs and work of grassroots organizations. 

What excites you about being part of the CTPF team?

I am excited about the opportunity to connect organizations across the nation with each other and to help build a national network for grassroots organizations that are working to build local campaigns of resistance–while working in tandem with the national movement in defense of Black and Brown life.   

What are some of the principles that guide your work/passion(s)?

I believe in Black and Brown people. I believe in the history and future of radical struggle led by the most oppressed people, and I believe in prioritizing and elevating the voices and experiences of those most oppressed peoples. I believe that communities have the power and intelligence to govern themselves and make their own decisions. 

What do you like to do for fun?

Read, visit Museums, or grab a cocktail at the bar.

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