A Dollop of Learning – The Glue That Binds

Thursday, September 5, 2019

A Dollop of Learning – The Glue That Binds
By Yi-Ching Lin, Senior Director, Learning Services, Philanthropy New York

Over the weekend I found myself in search of a tube of superglue – I didn’t even need a full one, just a dollop. But, amidst the bustle of back-to-school shopping, as my eyes glazed over the eleventh neon yellow pocket folder being scanned by the cashier, I thought about how much I love back-to-school shopping. Yes, for the brightly colored notebooks, crisp paper and the satisfaction of checking things off, but mostly, I love the back-to-school part of back-to-school shopping – reuniting with friends, fellow students and learners ready to start a new journey together.

Summers at PNY offer that same back-to-school shopping joy as we prepare for the launch of our Fall calendar of programs. We are eager to welcome staff, new and old, from member organizations and showcase the smorgasbord of learning opportunities that has been put together in partnership with members, funders at-large, and other philanthropy-serving partners.

Our PNY Core: Fundamentals of Philanthropy, which launches with the first session of Philanthropy 101 on September 13th, is the perfect place for new staff to begin their journey in the philanthropic sector and engage with peers. These professional development and skills-based programming center on specific lines of inquiry and are designed to meet the needs of philanthropic professionals at every stage of their career arc. 

This fall, we are also continuing the conversation started at our 40th Annual Meeting with our Reframing Philanthropy program series. The series will feature some of philanthropy’s most visible leaders and encourage you to strengthen your practice by reframing critical questions of what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how. 

Fostering inquiry-based learning, embedding a racial equity lens, and helping foundations see themselves as part of a larger ecosystem are just a few of the principles that guide the programming we do at Philanthropy New York. And my litmus test for an impactful program is how much those experiences engage funders to reflect on their practices.

The PNY community is only as strong as its members. We invite you to get involved – learn from each other and contribute to one another’s learning – be the superglue that makes us stronger. Participate and engage. We want to hear from you. See you this Fall!

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