David Rockefeller Fund announces Lourdes J. Rodriguez, Dr.PH as Chief Executive Officer

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

David Rockefeller Fund announces Lourdes J. Rodriguez, Dr.PH as Chief Executive Officer

NEW YORK, NY - September 21, 2022 - Following an extensive national search, the David Rockefeller Fund's Board of Directors is pleased to announce Lourdes J. Rodriguez, DrPH as the family foundation's next Chief Executive Officer.

"I am excited about this opportunity to join the David Rockefeller Fund," said Dr. Lourdes J. Rodriguez, CEO. "The DR Fund can use its reputational capital and networks to facilitate conversations about how to solve the global climate crisis, address the unjust criminal justice system, and unleash the acts of creation that are intrinsic to the arts. We are ideally situated to do this as part of our organizational journey; this is the next logical step to the work and one that must be handled with gentleness, humility, and bravery. I will work alongside the Board, family, staff, and grantees so that solutions might emerge from that space of deep and broad reflection."

Her appointment comes at an important moment in the evolution of the David Rockefeller Fund. There is a natural generational evolution taking place, with a majority of the family seats on the Board occupied by the founders' grandchildren, their spouses/partners, and an increasing number of non-family Board members.

In entering this position, Dr. Rodriguez will play a crucial role in examining the socioeconomic systems that have traditionally provided the underpinnings of formal philanthropy - exploring how issues of power and equity overlap with philanthropic practice while also actively defining and building new models for the foundation to be more just and inclusive...

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