Claire Stryker Joins Arcus Board of Directors

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Claire Stryker Joins Arcus Board of Directors

The Arcus Foundation is delighted to announce that Claire Stryker, a philanthropist and advocate for human rights and conservation, has joined the foundation’s Board of Directors. Claire is the most recent addition to what is now a board of eight committed and influential advocates for social and environmental justice. 

The daughter of Arcus’ founder and board president, Claire has long been engaged with the foundation’s work and over the past decade has pursued, through extensive philanthropy and service, a commitment to issues related to civil liberties, prison reform, domestic violence, and nonhuman-animal well-being—giving generously of her resources and time to these causes. 

“I am thrilled to welcome Claire to Arcus’ board, and I look forward to the insights she will bring to complement those of our other board members,” said Annette Lanjouw, Arcus’ CEO. “Through a range of experiences with organizations as critical and varied as the ACLU, domestic violence shelters, and horse rescues, she has become deeply involved in and knowledgeable about some of the challenges faced disproportionately by the individuals and populations that Arcus aims to serve. She has helped raise millions of dollars for animal conservation efforts and worked directly with victims of domestic violence. Her perspective will be a great asset to our board, staff, and grantees.”

Claire earned a bachelor’s degree from Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY.

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