New York Grantmakers in the Arts/New York City Cultural Agenda Fund

NY Grantmakers in the Arts:
NYGIA is exploring spring programming around the intersection of arts and topics such as criminal justice, health, social justice, impact investing, capitalization, and the implementation of the NYC Cultural Plan. NYGIA also recently launched a listserv for its members and is looking forward to using it as a tool to better communicate within its own membership and with other working groups.

NYC Cultural Agenda Fund:
The Cultural Agenda Fund will be setting its programmatic priorities for the 2018 year. Please stay tuned.

Arts Sector Resources

November, 2017

This report scours research on activities that use arts to improve student achievement—an approach known as arts integration—and identifies those that qualify for federal education funding.

July, 2017

Despite fears that New York City is no longer welcoming to artists, there are more artists living here now than ever before, and the share of artists has increased in the majority of the city's neighborhoods.

July, 2017

CreateNYC is the first comprehensive cultural plan in New York City history. It provides a roadmap to lifting up the arts and culture across the city. This report outlines our strategy for achieving these goals.