Putting Equity at the Heart of Government: 3 Ballot Proposals to Dismantle Structural Racism

Tuesday, October 18, 2022 -
1:00pm to 2:00pm EDT
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In New York City, race-based inequities have been baked into our institutions and society, undermining some of philanthropy’s most critical strategic goals. In order to change the structures and institutions that shape lives, such as wages, education, housing and criminal justice, we must confront the ways that historical and present-day racism have limited opportunities.  Government, citizens and philanthropy can engage in honest conversations that unearth the often unseen inequities woven into the foundation of our laws and policy, and imagine new roles for policy in creating a more equitable playing field for all. In New York City, groundbreaking work is underway to change the New York City charter in an effort to craft more racially equitable policies that will shape opportunity for millions of citizens.   

Join us to learn more about and discuss the Racial Justice Commission’s three landmark ballot proposals for NYC voters and an unprecedented opportunity to re-shape the NYC Charter.  

What will you learn?

Who should attend? 

All interested funders in grantmaking, public policy, and related roles. What to expect: panel discussion followed by Q&A. 



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