*POSTPONED* Resilient Resolve: Supporting Justice in NYC's Nonprofit Crisis

Tuesday, October 1, 2024 -
3:00pm to 4:30pm EDT
Philanthropy New York 320 East 43rd Street
Members of PNY & Partner Orgs: 
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New York City's safety net of vital nonprofits, particularly those serving communities impacted by the criminal legal system, is at a crossroads. A surge in mass criminalization and demand from the influx of new New Yorkers is overwhelming resources already strained by funding delays, budget cuts, and limited philanthropic support. This puts essential services for our most marginalized communities at risk.

Nonprofit staff are facing a double crisis: a flood of new needs and a shrinking pool of financial support. This threatens their ability to deliver critical services that are the lifeline for countless New Yorkers. 

But these nonprofits are the heart and soul of resilience. They're channeling the spirit of New York City by finding innovative ways to keep their doors open, support their teams, and meet the evolving needs of their clients. Their unwavering commitment is truly inspiring. 

Please join us for a critical panel discussion and hear firsthand from nonprofit leaders on the front lines, supporting communities impacted by the criminal legal system. They will share their experiences overcoming immense challenges and emphasize the imperative for philanthropy to double down on its support, ensuring these organizations continue to fight for justice.  

What will you learn?

  • How contracting delays, budget cuts, and limited philanthropic support hinder nonprofits serving justice-impacted communities 

  • Innovative methods nonprofits employ to sustain operations, support staff, and adapt services to evolving needs 

  • The pivotal role of philanthropy in supporting nonprofits dedicated to communities affected by the criminal legal system 


Who should attend?

All interested funders. What to expect: panel discussion, followed by Q&A.

How do you sign up?

Registration is required by June 24th.

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Members of Collaborators: Please email register@philanthropynewyork.org with your name, title, organizational affiliation, business mailing address, and phone number. Please indicate by which organizer you were invited. (No fee.)   

Non-Members: Please email register@philanthropynewyork.org. ($150 fee.) 

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