Philanthropy's Role in Reparations and Building a Culture of Racial Repair

Wednesday, February 14, 2024 -
1:00pm to 3:00pm EST
Virtual Meeting - Register by 2/13
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While there's been an uptick in commitments of funding to advance racial equity, few are directly aimed at effecting reparations. Yet, for funders who believe in racial equity and aspire to a thriving multiracial democracy, reparations for Black people and building a culture of repair is essential to reach that goal. Furthermore, there is an opportunity for New York funders with Governor Kathy Hochul's signed legislation this past December, establishing the NYS Community Commission for Reparations Remedies.

Join this session to hear from co-authors of Philanthropy's Role in Reparations and Building a Culture of Racial Repair (, 2023) and A Reparations Roadmap for Philanthropy (SSIR, 2023), as well as funders who have been implementing this work internally at their organizations.

What will you learn?

  • An understanding of what reparations are, and how the U.S. is situated among a global context

  • An orientation to the modern reparations movement: who the players are and what the opportunities and challenges are

  • An understanding of philanthropy's role in advancing the reparations movement

  • A preview of the Reparations Grantmaking Blueprint and how your organization can get involved


Who should attend?

All interested funders, regardless of roles at your organization. What to expect: presentation followed by roundtable and breakout discussions.