Making Up For Lost Time: How Funders Can Support Tutoring Interventions That Accelerate Learning

Tuesday, October 5, 2021 -
1:00pm to 3:00pm EDT
Zoom Meeting - Register 10/4
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After nearly 18 months of disrupted learning, many students are entering this school year with significant gaps in core skills and knowledge. One much-discussed way to help students learn more, faster has been high-dosage tutoring in core subject areas, which has a significant evidence base behind it, but can be very challenging to implement in practice, especially in a way that can reach the students with the most need for these interventions.

This session will help funders understand the available research on tutoring interventions and what kind of dosage and structure has been shown to lead to meaningful impact. We’ll then unpack the landscape in New York City, including successes and challenges around operationalizing tutoring programs (e.g., logistics/scheduling, recruiting and training a workforce, data sharing, choosing the right setting), funding streams, and some nascent plans for piloting, expanding, and potentially scaling high-impact tutoring interventions. This session will include initial lessons learned from some tutoring pilots that ran over last school year and summer 2021. 

  • The evidence base behind tutoring interventions overall and high-dosage tutoring specifically
  • How tutoring organizations in New York City operate and partner with the district, schools, and other community-based organizations
  • How funders can support and encourage effective approaches to tutoring
  • How funders can address the barriers in the path to scaling partnerships among stakeholders

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All interested funders, regardless of roles at your foundation. What to expect: presentation and panel discussion followed by Q&A. 




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