The Climate Crisis: Understanding the Promise and Pitfalls of Removing Carbon from the Skies and the Seas

Monday, September 19, 2022 -
3:30pm to 5:00pm EDT
Philanthropy New York 320 East 43rd Street; James Baldwin Room
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Scientific assessments and modeling have suggested for some time that large amounts of carbon dioxide will need to be pulled out of the atmosphere and the oceans as part of humanity’s efforts to stabilize the global climate system and prevent a runaway greenhouse effect. Now, a new policy landscape is beginning to emerge around different approaches to carbon removal. The Biden Administration has announced billions of dollars in spending on carbon removal projects and associated infrastructure, and private sector interest in carbon removal projects and services is growing rapidly. Carbon removal is coming, but the shape that this new sector will take is still up in the air. Attendees will learn about emerging themes, questions, and challenges, and hear from experts working to ensure that carbon removal policies, practices, and projects are effective, sustainable, and just. 

What will you learn?

  • Understanding why carbon removal is on the climate change response agenda
  • Gaining an appreciation for the emerging carbon removal landscape, including big recent and expected investments by the US federal government
  • Unpacking the climate justice and environmental justice concerns and considerations that are key to working out what role, if any, exists for carbon removal in equitable climate action

Who should attend?

All interested funders in grantmaking roles. What to expect: presentation followed by Q&A.


What else should you know?

This is in-person event. Space is limited and will be first come, first serve basis. 

*Masks Requirement & Proof of Vaccination and Booster*
Face masks are required within all areas of Philanthropy New York’s spaces, unless eating or drinking. For domestic attendees, proof of full vaccination and of a booster is required. For international attendees, proof of the highest level of vaccination available to you is required.

*Building Access*
Please be aware that there will be an increased security presence around the building due to the UN General Assembly taking place.

Please email with any questions.

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