Bearing Witness: Philanthropy's Role in Responding to COVID-19

Thursday, April 16, 2020 -
3:00pm to 4:00pm EDT
Members of PNY & Partner Orgs: 
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COVID-19 has altered our daily routines and created a new normal to which many of us are struggling to adapt. The crisis has heightened our desire to offer more support to our families, communities and grantee partners, but what exactly does “doing more” mean? In our rush to do more are we missing an opportunity to pause and acknowledge this moment?  

Join us to discuss how our sense of urgency can cause us to replicate, both in our personal and professional lives, the structures that we are committed to examining and dismantling. Amid this global crisis, let’s pause together to think about the ways that we can truly use chaos as opportunity.  

Join us for a special Food For Thought virtual roundtable to explore these questions and more.

**To ensure this conversation remains intimate and interactive, registration will be limited to 25 participants. We will keep a waitlist if space opens up.**


  • How we can use this moment as an opportunity to invest in the wellbeing of ourselves, our organizations, and our partnerships with grantees and communities

  • The ways COVID-19 has impacted our daily lives

  • Why we feel compelled to be more productive despite our limited capacity

  • Ways to genuinely and realistically care for ourselves, our communities and grantee partners


This program is a Food for Thought conversation hosted by the Committee for Equitable and Inclusive Philanthropy for PNY members to discuss “equity” as a tool to buttress their philanthropic practice and as a lens through which to understand current events. Rather than follow a set agenda, the conversation will be a forum for members to engage in informal, interactive discussion exploring issues of equity and inclusion by analyzing and discussing recent articles, research, editorials, and other media.

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All interested funders.


Registration is required by April 15th.
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