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Philanthropy New York Policy Priorities

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Philanthropy New York’s public policy efforts are guided by the belief that local, state, and federal laws and policies should 1) promote a just and equitable society, 2) strengthen nonprofits and 3) support a healthy and sustainable philanthropic sector. Philanthropy New York will: Advocate for tax and fiscal policies that support philanthropic giving. Support policies and practices that create and sustain a thriving nonprofit sector. Champion public policies that have systemic effects on issues and marginalized communities our members serve. Review our full list of policy priorities below.
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Regulating Donor Advised Funds

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A donor-advised fund is a giving vehicle designed to manage donations on behalf of individuals, families or organizations. DAFs provide a flexible way for donors to give to charities—an alternative to direct giving or creating a private foundation. Donors to DAFs enjoy administrative convenience, tax advantages and cost savings compared to operating a private foundation.
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