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Deutsche Bank, Newman's Own, MetLife, Fortitude Fund, and FB Heron Foundation among list of Funders Supporting the Nonprofit Investing Directly in Poor Families

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It’s not often that a nonprofit touts how much it isn't doing to help low-income Americans, but that’s a key pitch of the Family Independence Initiative (FII) . And funders are listening.

On Philanthropy: All Investing is Impact Investing (Rockefeller Brothers Fund, F.B. Heron Foundation)

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Philanthropic and investment leaders have come to recognize that grants and investments can have both financial returns and social impact - and that strategic alignment and integration with mission is important to maximize real change.
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PhilTV: When a Community Foundation Takes a Bold Stand, Aligning Mission and Approach Matter

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Will Miller, President of The Wallace Foundation, describes what happened when a community foundation had to choose between prioritizing taking a leadership role in the community or avoiding it for fear of alienating donors who might otherwise...