Salesforce.Org Empowers Nonprofits and Higher Education Institutions to Drive Social Impact at Scale With Einstein AI

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Salesforce.Org Empowers Nonprofits and Higher Education Institutions to Drive Social Impact at Scale With Einstein AI, the social enterprise of Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, is bringing the power of Salesforce Einstein Artificial Intelligence to empower nonprofits and higher education institutions of all sizes, enabling them to deepen engagement with their constituents and students, make smarter decisions and operate more efficiently. During AI for Good Week, will showcase how innovative organizations including College Forward, Reading Partners, Arizona State University and Taylor University are using Einstein to accelerate their impact.

Built on the Salesforce Platform,’s industry-specific CRM solutions Nonprofit Cloud and Education Cloud are infused with Einstein. Leveraging the power of Einstein, nonprofits can tap into machine learning and predictive intelligence to improve program management and automate tasks and workflows, allowing them to fundraise and allocate resources more efficiently to drive more impact. For educational institutions, AI makes it possible to pinpoint student issues early and provide recommended actions, so that staff can intervene proactively and ensure students stay on the right path to success.

“Artificial intelligence has many promising applications for all industries,” said Rob Acker, CEO, “Our goal is to put this powerful technology in the hands of changemakers and equip them to transform the social sector for good.”

Salesforce Einstein for Nonprofit Cloud: A Faster Path to Achieving Your Mission 
Nonprofits are challenged with resource constraints and often use outdated, legacy technology that makes it harder for them to achieve their missions. Einstein for Nonprofit Cloud enables nonprofits to intelligently measure outcomes in real-time, engage and raise resources in a more personalized way, and efficiently manage their programs. Here’s how College Forward and Reading Partners are making their organizations smarter and more productive with Einstein:

College Forward: Driving Higher Graduation Rates with AI
College Forward, a Texas based nonprofit that reaches more than 12,000 students from low-income homes across the state of Texas and beyond, helping them achieve their post-secondary dreams. College Forward uses Nonprofit Cloud for managing operations, grants and student engagement, and Einstein to surface dropout risk factors in CoPilot — a student information solution built on the Salesforce platform and created by College Forward — so that its coaches can proactively help students when they need it most...

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