Philanthropic Leadership: The Time Is Now

Monday, August 1, 2016

Leadership in philanthropy doesn’t just happen on its own. It grows from practice, from growing your networks, and from learning alongside peers. 

Autumn is when Philanthropy New York’s committees, networks and issue-based working groups again kick into high gear, and this is the time to let us know how you want to be involved.

Join a Committees or Advisory Group:
One of the many ways our members take on leadership in the Philanthropy New York community is by serving on a board committee or advisory group. Committee members lead, recommend and develop policies that help us shape our organization. Advisory group members inform specific aspects of our programs, communications and resources. Email Leah Gervais to express interest.

Serve on a Steering Committees for an Issue-based Working Group:
Several of our issue-based working groups are led by member steering committees who work with PNY staff to develop programs and organize collaborative activities. 
Email Leah Gervais to join a steering committee or to get on the email invitation list for any of the groups.

Join a Professional Peer Network:
Our peer networks help members stay connected to colleagues in similar roles. Members stay abreast of current issues related to their work and share advice and offer support on topics that cover the full scope of their professional work.
Eeah Gervais  to join one of the following peer networks.

  • ComNetworkNY / Public Policy Communicators NYC – For the past four years, PNY has supported communications professionals in member organizations and nonprofits through the programming of Public Policy Communicators NYC. This year, PNY is welcoming and working in partnership with the Communications Network to develop communications-focused programming with its ComNetworkNY local steering committee. The group is welcoming both general membership and membership in its steering committee.  
  • Foundation Administrators Network (FAN) – Members of FAN manage their foundation’s operations and human resources. FAN creates a supportive environment to share knowledge and resources, to test complex ideas with peers about administrative issues related to managing a foundation, and to strengthen professional skills and expertise.
  • Philanthropic Assistants and Coordinators Network (PACNet) - This network is designed address the professional development and networking needs for individuals serving in an administrative support function to senior leadership in their organization.
  • Service for Impact - This network brings together corporate professionals who manage employee engagement and volunteerism efforts within their company to increase the impact of volunteer service, both for the employee volunteer and their organization.

These additional professional interest groups are open only by invitation or application: CEOs, CFOs, COOs and Young Leaders Breakfast Club.

Michael Remaley, Senior Vice President, Public Policy & Communications
Kristen Ruff, Vice President, Member Services

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